On Cloud Zero

It was when I was surfing around the Apache Myfaces website to download their new JSF 2.0 implementation that I noticed this little sentence; that I needed to make little changes to my web.xml so that Myfaces 2.0 application runs on Google App Engine. That’s when I realized that there is this little thing called Google App Engine who can run my little JSF application. I was always looking forward to playing around with JSF 2.0 with JBoss seam and EJB 3.0 with host of other add-ons that I wanted to try my hands on like ExtVal and PrimeFaces. Good and exciting stuff! I rush home and download Google App Engine, Jobss Seam and all those software that I wanted to lay my hands on. And by the way, there is also an Eclipse plug-in for Google App Engine.

I realized that gone are the days when I could only host my static web pages or blogs on the internet. As a programmer, I now have the power of using the powerful frameworks that I can now use to create a dynamic application and host it for free on web. Hey, and I get a Database as well to store my Application Data.

And finally, here I’m, sitting in the Nimhans Convention Centre for WebApps 2010 organized by SiliconIndia. All I hear throughout the day is “Cloud”; Yahoo says “Cloud” and Hadoop. Rediff says, Social Networking and cloud. eBay says, cloud. Microsoft says Azure and cloud. Amazon says AWS, EC2 and cloud. IBM says SmartCloud and Websphere platform. And finally the big guy Google talks bigtable and App Engine. I realize that they are all already on Cloud 9. And here I’m inching on to Cloud Zero.