Gephi for JVM Runtime Dynamics

2010 Duke's choice awards were announced today. It is really amazing to see how well some people and organizations puts the technologies to the best effect, much beyond what the creators of Java could have originally imagined. One aspect of the enterprise system that always remained intriguing to me has been the Technical Data Visualization. Therefore, naturally I was inclined to check out the Duke award winner on this category. There it was, Gephi, a fantabulous framework for Data Visualization.

The feature of Gephi that impressed me the most was the Dynamic Analysis. I thought this can be an ideal platform to address a long term secret dream of mine; to create a performance monitoring tool that displays live the way in which new Objects are getting created in a JVM and how the garbage collector cleans up the orphaned ones, showing the live objects with relations intact. Any takers for this project? Ping me for the concept.