When dreams come true!

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There are certain times when dreams truly comes true. And it comes so true that you feel amazed and stand still holding your breath for a while. Being a kid having a lot of love towards the nature, I have always had dreams about probably the msot beautiful places on earth. Of those, the the most desired picture in my mind was of this little valley somewhere on this universe whaving blue skies with goose-feather-like clouds, a plane with lush-green grass cover, with trees having lot of branches with yellow leaves, with many leaves on the ground covering some portion of the lush-green grass cover, with mild snow flakes making its way down, at the same time very much bright and sunny, with cool breeze flowing around, with children running around making only noice of laughter, a good old baroq music playing in the background from the nearby grill, where I sat down on one of the benches of the grill, enjoying every bite of buffallo wings with its sweat aroma floating in the fresh air.
The folk stories need your genie or god to appear to grand you these wishes to make them real. Here I was standing with my digicam seeing and experiencing this eternal beauty of nature...nature at its best for me...I would never want to wait or wish for anything more from God. I just wished I could stand there, watching that scene for ever in my life...I only wished if my eyes could absorb the scene in its entirety and keep recalling it whenever I close my eyes, wished if my ears can record the sound track and play it back when I close my eyes, wished my nostrils could immibe that sweat aroma and fill them in air when I close my eyes, wished my skin could remember the feeling of that cool breeze and bring it back when i close my eyes, wish my tastebuds could store in memory the taste of the buffallow wings and recall it when i close my eyes.
I did not have any better dream ever after and I don't think I will have any...ever !